Leaking Toilets

Does your toilet cistern overflow pipe leak out the back wall?

Leaking Toilets

Here are two of the most common toilet inlet valves.

This is a common problem where the cistern ballcock or inlet valve is not shutting off. More often than not this is a simple washer replacement.

All our vans carry a full stock of all the most common types of washer kits, prices range depending on what type of cistern valve you have.

Here at PlumberMan we always approach every job by trying to fix the problem the low cost way first. If replacing the washer does not work then we would replace the inlet valve.

Prices vary for toilet inlet valves depending on the model.

Does your toilet have water constantly running into the toilet bowl?

There are generally only two reasons why this is happening; either the flush valve is not doing it’s job properly and is letting water through, or if it is a more modern toilet cistern, the flush valve has a centre overflow and your inlet valve is not shutting off (just like we discussed above) and is overflowing back into the bowl instead of the old system where it discharged out the wall.

Again more often than not this can be repaired with a new washer kit. Unless told otherwise by our client, when we are servicing a leaking toilet cistern we will always replace the washers in both the inlet valve and flush valves at the same time as we feel the small extra cost of doing this at one time will save you money in the long run.

Have you found water on the floor around your toilet?

There are many reasons why you may have water on the floor. Usually it’s from a leaking cistern tap or perished flush pipe seals. What ever the problem PluberMan can diagnose and repair it for you.

Toilet suite Upgrades

If you are tired of looking at your old toilet and feel it is time to upgrade, we can arrange a replacement that best suits your budget. Whether you just want a new cistern or a complete suite, the options are endless.

High Level Toilets

First we will look at the old Dux high level toilet suite which is a very common toilet found in older New Zealand homes. High level means that the cistern is connected to a long flush pipe and the water inlet is up high next to the cistern or in the back of the cistern. To replace these types of toilets with the new modern range of toilets you will need to have your water inlet tap shifted to a low level position. If you would rather save hassle and cost of moving your water inlet you can just replace it with a new high level suite as seen below.

Old High Level Toilet

Here is the typical old Dux high level toilet suite.

New High Level Toilet

You can replace your old Dux high level suite with this.


New High Level Cistern

Or if there is nothing wrong with your old toilet bowl and you just require your cistern to be replaced.

Low Level Toilets

Low level toilets are much easier to replace with the new modern range of toilets available than the high level type (as discussed above). Depending on your budget, whether you are after a simple entry level upgrade of your old toilet or want something special, PlumberMan can sort it for you.

New Low Level Toilet

With one of these entry level Caroma plastic suites.

Old Low Level Toilet

We can replace your old low level toilet cistern like this...







The price indications above are accurate for a straight forward swap from your existing system. However if the measurement of the centre of the pan connector back to the wall is not in the installation range of the particular suite it may need to be adjusted. We suggest a phone call to us to discuss and perhaps an initial site visit may be necessary.


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