1. Blockages are common place in the pipes under sinks, basins, tubs, showers and baths. In most cases these are easily cleared by using hand tools that our plumbers have on board. In most cases the cost of having us on site to clear a blockage like this would probably not exceed our minimum charge rate of $90.00 plus GST.
  2. These same blockages can become more stubborn if the blockage moves further into the pipe running under the floor. In these situations we have special tools to pressurise the waste pipe resulting in a clear pipe.
  3. Blocked toilets, another common occurrence, we have the tools to clear a blocked toilet quickly and in most cases this is a simple job covered by our minimum charge. All would depend on how badly blocked, how long it has been left blocked and what has caused the blockage. If for example you are aware the “toilet duck” sanitiser is missing that will mean it has been flushed down the toilet and to solve this the toilet pan needs to be removed and refitted as the toilet duck cannot get past the pan connector at floor level. To carry out this work normally costs around $175.00 plus GST.
  4. Blocked Drain MachineBlockages are also common in the drain pipes out side. We have all the machinery required to deal with this event. We have two drain machines which feed a steel rod through the drain, there are different attachments to deal with whatever the problem may be. For example a lot of the older drains are made from ceramic pipes, the joints are aging and the result of this is roots enter and thrive inside the pipe, eventually blocking the whole line. We have cutter attachments that can clean these pipes out. The only issue to keep in mind is that the clean out is only temporary as the roots will grow again. Consideration should be given to upgrading the drains to plastic. Our drainage machine hire is $100.00 plus GST for the machine plus our normal hourly rate etc.

Some sewer drain blockages can be very difficult to solve, in some cases the drains are covered by drive ways, paths, etc, making them generally inaccessible. The results of this can cause a call for a blocked drain to extend into a serious job involving several hours work. We try our best, we know all the best options and will do the best we can for our client, however be aware a problem drain can result in an expensive exercise. We would keep you totally informed in these situations so that you are aware of what is happening.


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