General Leaks

Is Your Water Main Leaking?

Locating and repairing leaking or burst water mains is something we deal with on a day to day basis here at PlumberMan. A sure sign you have a leaking water main is to find a puddle in your yard. Or you can possibly hear running water but no appliances or taps are running, or you have received an excessively high water bill. PlumberMan has specialist sound locating equipment which can in most cases pinpoint the problem without needless trial and error and destruction of working pipes. In many cases we can fix the problem right away and most importantly save you money.

Burst Pipes

If you have just found water gushing from out of your ceiling or from the base of a wall in your home you most probably have a burst water pipe. First thing to do is isolate your water supply at the water toby to prevent further damage. Your water toby is most commonly situated about a metre outside your property boundary and has a plastic blue lid. Once you have isolated your water supply call PlumberMan and we will arrange for a service man to have your house with running water again as soon as possible!

Leaking Hot Water Cylinders

Here at PlumberMan a common complaint we get all the time is a customer has found wet carpet around their hot water cylinder. This could either be from a leaking connection on the pipe work feeding the cylinder or the cylinder itself is leaking due to corrosion. If your cylinder is leaking it generally means it is wearing out and needs to be replaced. Either way, if it is just a simple pipe repair or cylinder replacement PlumberMan can give you professional advice and competitive pricing to solve your problems.

The Copper Pipe On Your Roof Is Overflowing

Your hot water cylinder is overflowing. If not repaired quickly this will cause you to have an expensive power bill as it is hot water being wasted. The valve that is responsible for controlling the water from overflowing is called a pressure reducing valve or “Ajax valve” as it is also known as. Depending on the age of this valve it may require replacement but more often than not can be fixed with just a simple new washer.

Your Tap Will Not Turn Off

If you discover your tap now will not shut off and the handle just spins it usually means the spindle has come away from the tap jumper. First thing to do is turn the water off at the water toby at the front of your property, or if it is the hot tap that will not turn off we suggest to turn off the isolator tap at your hot water cylinder as this will stop the faulty tap from draining you entire cylinder of hot water. Once you have isolated the water supply, call PlumberMan and we will have a serviceman there to help you as soon as possible!

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